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How to use Instagram to Promote Your Brand 

Instagram is a Social Networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone.Similar to Facebook or Twitter,everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and news feed.When you post a photo or video on Instagram,it will be displayed on your profile.

5 Most Essential way to Promote Your Brand with Instagram-Digitalkulturez

How to Use Instagram

      1.Set up your brand’s account on Instagram

  • Include a link
  • Write an effective bio
  • Keep your name and image consistent

2.Post Content that attracts Followers

  • No hard selling
  • Vary your product photos with some creativity
  • Keep images high res and visually appealing
  • Create a theme for your Instagram
  • Offer exclusive promotions
  • Promote and share events

3.How to create a theme

  • Decide who your audience is
  • Use the right filters,higher exposure,warm temperatures,and higher contrast
  • Choose a background color for your photos.
  • Decide 2-3 beautiful fonts to write on your photos for text and headings separately.

4.Grow your Instagram Followers

  • Like photos and comments to other profile .Be socializing with your existing followers.
  • Research and include relevant hashtags,some of useful hashtags you must use in your post are:-#Flashesofdelight, #bandotolist, #thatsdarling, #mybeautifulmess,
  • Make a unique hashtag of your brand too and start using it in your post and say to others to use in their post.
  • Ask your other social followers to follow you on Instagram too.
  • Use geotags in your post.
  • Link your Instagram account to your other networks.
  • Follow more people on Instagram .
  • Post more and consistently on Instagram.
  • Invite ambassadors to share your brand.
  • Make your username simple & searchable
  • Use Instagram story option also with hashtags and geotags.

 5.Encourage engagement to form relationships 

  • Write active captions.
  • Run contest exclusive to IG followers’s
  • Respond to ,shout out to,and like followers’ post.

     6.Mesaure Your growth

  • Create an optimized posting schedule around busy times
  • Set realistic goals for growth
  • With Instagram anayltics,you  can successfully the performance of each post with presentation ready reports to back up your claims.